Top Brands of the Fall Season

With brand after brand after brand, how do you know the best ones to choose to wear?

Do you look at the style or maybe even the comfort or quality of the shirt?

Whatever you look for, below are some of our top-rated clothing brands by a variety of categories.

We have ranked these clothing items on our “Prep Scale” which takes quality, comfort, cost, and seasonality into consideration here.

5.) We want to draw your attention to one of our all time Fall favorites. The classic Vineyard Vines tee shirts. Perfect for the season, rain or shine.Vineyard Vines Preppy Fall Long Sleeve teesIf you are looking for true comfort and something to wear to the classroom or even at the tailgate, then these shirts will be perfect for you. Tons of designs for any occasion.

Prep Scale: 4/10

4.) Who wants chicken for dinner? Another one for a community of fan favorites is none other than Southern Fried Cotton! Plenty of designs for the average Prepstar to rock on a daily basis.


Customers prefer this brand for the sheer designs and fun, the quality and variety could be improved, however!

Prep Scale: 5/10

3.) Can you guess the next brand that will make it into our top 5 for the Fall? Maybe or maybe not! Here is a hint, they offer a design for every walk of life! The Southern Proper collection.


Southern Proper is a great brand with an excellent story and customer support network. Check out the fall collection today.

Prep Scale: 6.5/10

4.) Ever see a clothing company with an incredible design that needs to be shown off? We stumbled upon,


and were immediately impressed with their current products. Once we ordered one of them the quality was amazing! It is right up there with that of Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer as far as softness. The fabric is also extremely comfortable on your skin.  We love this brand! So far one of the best new ones on the market.

Prep Scale: 8/10

5.) Last but not least we the team here at Preppy Life would like to show off our favorite Fall brand! This is none other than the excellent and established United Tees.


They offer an incredible assortment of short and long sleeve graphic designs, appealing to both men and women of the Preppy market. In particular, we really love the Loyal Companion design as featured below.


Prep Scale: Perfecto. 10/10

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How to Have the Perfect Tailgate

Football season is right around the corner, my friends.  Do you know what that means?! It means you need to get your preppy self in gear and be fully prepared to look OUTSTANDING at your college tailgates!

Tailgating is the perfect opportunity to stand out among your peers with your preppy attire and accessories.  It’s not only about having fun, but looking your best while doing so ;).

So, in order to look and feel your best for the first tailgate of the season, I am going to tell you everything you need to bring preppy vibes to the beloved football season.

Purchase a Yeti cooler ASAP!
Whether you choose the Tundra, Hopper, or Tank, you will be sure to have the most durable and appealing cooler at the tailgate.  Yeti coolers come in a variety of styles, so choose wisely and accordingly in regards to what you’ll be drinking, eating, and needing to keep cool while listening to music and getting pumped to watch the game!


Pick Out the Perfect Drinkware
While your drinks stay cool in the Yeti, the time will come when you are ready to indulge in one of those beverages.  When that time approaches, you NEED to have an appealing cup of sorts to pour you drink into.  That’s why you MUST visit United-Monograms’ drinkware section to find the ultimate array of thermos (if you are ditching the cooler and bringing a latte), Lilly inspired tumblers (if you are pouring an ice cold beverage from the Yeti), and glitter water bottles (if you are feeling really daring and want to stand out amongst the crowd).  Whatever your drink choice may be during the tailgate, make sure you exude those preppy vibes with monogram drinkware from United-Monograms!

Be a Vision in Your Vest
With night games comes a chill in the air, which is precisely why you need to prepared with a vest.  The tailgate is the perfect place to bring your fashion sense alive.  This means the ultimate preppy vest MUST be worn.  Ladies, you can polish your look with a Lilly puffer, down, or quilted vest for those chilly game nights.   Guys, I didn’t forget about you!  The Sperry Men’s Fleece Full Zip Vest is the absolute perfect weight to keep you warm without overdoing it.

Finish off the Look with Beauteous Boots
Finally, your feet… A look is NEVER complete without shoes.  Any true fashion lover knows the significance of properly adorning your outfit with the perfect pair of shoes.  Since we are talking about tailgate season, vests, and cooler weather approaching… boots are a NECESSITY!  Now that you’ve splurged on your vest, let’s look to be more frugal in the foot department.  One of my FAVORITE places to save money, and to be in general (I’m weird), is Target.  These Women’s Magda Lace Up Boots come in brown and black, so you can pick what color properly accentuates your vest!:)

There you have it, my dears.  Here are the perfect accessories/attire to not only support your favorite college football team, but also rep the preppy lifestyle we all know and love. XO


Blair Waldorf: The Queen of Preppy Style

Although Gossip Girl finished its last season in 2012, its legacy continues to live on.  The show made its mark on television through its flawless high-end fashion, and flawlessly beautiful characters.  Of those characters, Blair Waldorf seemed to make her legacy as the shows “it girl,” and fashion queen-bee.

Blair continues to be the face of countless internet memes, which constantly reminds us of her tastefully and perfectly accessorized fashion sense, and her impeccable way to dress up her Constance Billard school uniform.  The Upper East Side will surely never be the same because of our fantasy that someone like Blair Waldorf actually sits on the steps of The Met with her perfectly adorning headband and matching peacoat. 

Because of her legendary way to make a preppy school uniform look as though she was meant to be on the cover of Vogue, we NEED to discuss my five all-time favorite Blair Waldorf preppy looks so we can further continue the legacy of Gossip Girl, which in my opinion, should live on FOREVER!

  1. My all time favorite Blair look, the famous Nanette Lepore green pea coat with the picture-perfect yellow accents, including her Stuart Weitzman bag.  This look is EVERYTHING.  All of these years later, and her style still speaks to me in ways only fellow fashion lovers will understand.  Let’s not forget this is when Chuck finally told her he loved her… I SWOON.Preppy Blair Waldorf
  2. This is such a close second.  The time she dazzled the screen with this Oscar de la Renta red dress.  Again, the pink accents somehow make the already perfect dress even more perfect.  How is that even possible?!Blair Preppy Red Dress
  3. Here it is: Her perfectly preppy Constance style.  I went to a private high school, and let me tell you that despite my countless attempts, I never quite made my uniform look like something other girls would want to wear shopping on the streets of New York City.  That’s what Blair did; she changed the fashion game forever.  She made us want what she was wearing, and that’s why she is a legend.Preppy Queen
  4. Since it’s summer, what better way to celebrate than a white party?!  Blair wore this flawless Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and matched them with Chloe heels and her signature white headband.
    Picture BW
  5. Last, but certainly not least, this Alexis Mabille gown.  The detail on the gown is stunning, which attributes to it being one of her most classic looks.

I could go on for days listing more of my favorite iconic Blair Waldorf looks, but for now Upper East Siders, I must leave you with only five. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

The Best Nautical Themed Products for Summer

Summer is in full swing, which means two things: BOATS, AND ANCHORS! Nautical themed anything is a must-have for preppy people alike, so let’s talk about what you need this summer to complete that nautical and preppy inspired look.

Let’s go big (think revamping your bedroom style). Who doesn’t want a fresh seasonal look for their bedroom?! Nautical is the perfect summer theme, and I have the perfect bedroom products for you to complete the nautical bedroom look.

The Bedding
This simple striped comforter set is the perfect base for your nautical themed room. Oh, did I mention that its reversible?! How cool is that? Click on the picture to check out where you can order this comforter, and several other nautical themed comforters!

Preppy Bedding

The Accent Pillows
Now that we have the reversible comforter, the most important (AND FUN) part is the accent pillows. These accent pillows add to the striped style bedding in a subtle, yet complimenting way.

Nautical Pillows

By keeping the pink and blue theme, these pillows placed perfectly on top of the crisp bedding will set the nautical tone as soon as you walk into your bedroom. Click the pictures to find where you can order these perfect accent pillows!

The Wall Décor
Preppy Decoratingshopping

Now that your bed is perfectly adorned with the nautical theme, you need to add a little décor to your wall. Let’s add a little motivation to your nautical theme. This adorable “Don’t give up the ship” nautical art print will look perfect above your bed. It doesn’t stop there, people! By adding two of these gold accent anchors on each side of the wall art, you will create that polished look that all preppy people know and love. Click each product to find out where you can order these classic pieces!

Sometimes change is good, and what better time to make a change than summer?! Revamping your room can be just what you need to give yourself that summer feeling, and leave you with a little piece of a beach getaway at all times!

Step by Step: How to have the Perfect Beach Day

Let’s face it… As amazing as a beach day is, you ALWAYS forget something. That’s where I come into play. I am here to give you a step by step on how to have the perfect beach day. Forgetting things for your beach day is a thing of the past. Read this step by step, and you will have the ULTIMATE (and perfectly planned) beach day!

1. Pre-pick your bathing suit and beach blanket.
It sounds like such a simple step, yet you are always scrambling to decide what suit to where and often forget a beach blanket. Trying on your suits in advance, so that you have the perfect one picked out, will save you plenty of time to prepare everything else that needs to be completed before the trip! Check out these cute bathing suits and beach blankets at:

 2. Purchase the perfectly preppy beach bag.
Having an eye-catching, preppy-inspired beach bag is a MUST. Who wants to have the cutest ruffled bathing suit without a monogram beach bag to match? NOT YOU! United-Monograms has an array of pretty patterned beach bags that will include your monogram, so no one can take it! Check out their beach totes at: and-purses
image1 3. Now that you have a beach bag, it is time to fill it with all of your beach essentials!
There are a few things that are vital in creating a blissful and relaxing afternoon on the beach: a towel for when you decide to cool off in the water, leave-in conditioner for your luscious locks, and most importantly, SUNSCREEN. From my experience, this sunscreen will forever be my favorite: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer products. The lightweight texture will refrain you from feeling greasy and gross in the hot sun. I mean seriously, who the heck wants to feel greasy while melting in the sun?! It’s so important to protect your skin, and wearing Neutrogena Ultra Sheer will leave you not totally despising the thought of applying sunscreen. You can purchase it at your local drugstore!

 4. Add the perfect cover-up to your beachy look.
You’ve probably put out a pretty penny on purchasing a must-have bathing suit this summer, so let’s be real: you need to save money in certain aspects of your beach wardrobe, and a cover-up is one of those aspects. I would love to say go splurge on a Lilly cover-up (and hey, if you just got paid, then go crazy, girl!), but sometimes saving money feels invigorating. That’s why EVERY SINGLE YEAR I get my cover-ups at Target. They are simple, yet add the finishing touches to your beach garb, and have several different styles, so you can get a few for the price of one expensive cover-up. SEVERAL IS BETTER THAN ONE WHEN TALKING ABOUT COVER-UPS, PEOPLE! Check out some of Target’s cute cover-ups here: women-s- clothing/-/N-5xtbv

 5. Last, but certainly not least: BRING LOTS OF WATER.
If you don’t feel like lugging a cooler down for a few hours of laying out, it’s okay, you’re still in luck. Corkcicle bottles are a relatively new product that keep your beverage hot or cold (in this case COLD). Not only are these bottles the, they come in the coolest colors ever. So don’t you fret, your outfit will still be perfectly matching and intact, right down to your water bottle. Order your Corkcicle bottle here, and your life will never be the same:

The Top 6 Preppy Brands to Wear this Summer

Where are all my beach-loving, monogram wearing, preppy enthusiasts at? Look no more, my friends… I have ALL of the info on the top preppy brands to complete your summer wardrobe and keep up that preppy lifestyle we all know and love.

United Monograms
From patriotic packages and monogram swimsuits, to Lilly patterned monogram attire; this preppy brand has it all. United-Monograms, based out of Charleston, South Carolina, is the perfect brand for all beach-goers this summer. Not only do they sell copious amounts of perfectly preppy summer beach attire, all of their monogram-adorned lifestyle products make United-Monograms the ABSOLUTE epitome of a preppy-inspired brand for all of your summerlovin’ essentials.

Southern Tide
If you are looking for that preppy brand that has a hint of classical Southern style, Southern Tide is your go-to. I am talking FULL THROTTLE preppy products here, people. From bedding and bath products, to seer sucker ties and patriotic tanks; the range in preppy products from Southern Tide is truly endless. Be sure to purchase one of their YETI coolers; you’ll need one for your summer beach trips anyways!

Ralph Lauren
This is a no-brainer. Ralph Lauren has been one of the most coveted “preppy” brands for decades. If you are looking to dress your look up a bit, then Ralph Lauren can certainly satisfy your chic cravings. From button downs, to classical dresses, Ralph Lauren will continue to rock the preppy world with it’s unequivocal sophisticated touch.

Lauren James
Where are my ladies at?! Lauren James, the renown preppy-inspired women’s wear, is a necessity for your summer wardrobe. This dainty, yet timeless brand perfects the combination of outerwear and delicate attire through its unmatchable perfectly pleated dresses, running shorts, and preppy accessories to match all of your summer outfits.

Vineyard Vines
Another no-brainer. Vineyard Vines has been, and will continue to be, a coveted preppy brand. Their legendary men’s button downs are perfect for an evening walk on the beach, or a night out with friends (SO SURPRISE YOUR BOYFRIEND WITH ONE, LADIES!!). Their renown mini whale logo adds a perfectly cute touch to their clothing line and products, and it is undoubtedly sure to make you standout as the proud prep I know you are!

Let’s dress it down, preppy enthusiasts. United-tees’ catchy name says it all. Their men’s and women’s tank tops will speak to you in ways only preppy people could understand. Did I mention they have a patriotic theme throughout their ENTIRE LINE? You literally can not consider yourself a prep without supporting the idea of AN AMERICAN THEMED BRAND. That is pretty amazing if you ask me, and I know you were definitely going to ask me. 🙂 To order one of their perfectly patriotic tanks to wear to the beach and to “live the American dream,” as their website so cleverly says, click the link above to browse their items

I have bestowed upon you the perfect combination of ALL PREPPY BRANDS. Now go out and use this absolutely vital information, and buy everything you need to remain the preppy individual you were meant to be!

How to be the Best Friend in the World

Remember. Using Reminders.
Being thoughtful about what’s going on in your friend’s life can go a long way. When you’re catching up and they tell you they have a big interview for an internship next week, put a little reminder on your phone to shoot a text that morning and tell them good luck. From big test days, to flights home, quick moments of well wishes can go so far for your relationships. And look, you’re busy. We all are. So let technology help you on this one. Whether you set an early alarm with their name on it, or put a reminder in your calendar for a week from now…it’s doesn’t take much to send big love their way. The support will be felt. Trust.
Encourage. With Voice Memos.
If there’s one thing everyone can use a little bit more of, it’s encouragement. To know it’s all going to be OK. That the breakup will get better. The tough teacher will be over. The crazy work situation will pass. Talking on the phone doesn’t always happen, especially in our constant text and messaging app craze. But the sound of your voice can do wonders. So too can a big smile. Open up your phone, press record and send a little pep talk to a friend that might need it. One better? Swiping right on your iPhone from picture to video and letting them see those twinkling eyes and giant smile. They’ll feel better in an instant and thank you for it.
Listen. And Put Down Your Phone.
There’s nothing better than a friend that is fully there. But it’s impossible to be fully there and completely listening when you’re simultaneously trying to write the wittiest of captions for Instagram. Make your bestie time sacred. Leave the phone in your bag. And show up fully for your friends. You’ll see more clearly how they’re really doing. And your support will come across in abundance. The opposite is true if you’re constantly distracted while with them. Lock it up.
Celebrate. On Social Too.
When your friends have huge life wins, often times you’ll be just as excited if not more than they are. It’s important to show it. While you may not be able to drop off some fresh tulips just because, you can send a little social love their way no matter how many miles separate you. Maybe it’s a twinning picture from middle school shouting your pride, or tweet shouting to the rooftop your friend’s accomplishments, your support can be magnified with a little social love here and there.

Best Preppy Blogger Out There

Perhaps the most well-known of the bunch is Carly Heitlinger, a 25-year-old Tampa native who created The College Prepster her first year at Georgetown University. “I started my blog out of desperation,” she said. “I was barely passing my classes and I was having a difficult transition in college. As luck would have it, I loved it, stuck with it, and then social media became a ‘thing.’ While I continued through college, the industry continued to evolve. At one point, I realized that I could probably use my blog as a talking point or a bullet on my resume to get a job.” We need more people like Carly!

That was seven years ago. She’s since graduated with a degree in marketing, moved to Manhattan, landed (and left) a 9-to-5 gig at a start-up, and made the site a full-time career. Back in 2008 she idolized Blair Waldorf. And although she’s gone from an undergrad in D.C. to a working girl in NYC, her site hasn’t changed a whole lot, and neither has her style—which is part of the reason she’s been able to build such a big audience and, in turn, a big business.

“At one point, my blogging income was twice as much as my salary was, even though I was only spending about four hours after work on it.”

“A couple of years in, I realized I could make money from blogging. It was very slow at the beginning and even when it picked up a bit, I still assumed it would be a nice supplemental income,” she said. “At one point, my blogging income was twice as much as my salary was, even though I was only spending about four hours after work on it.”

Heitlinger still wears a lot of Lilly Pulitzer and L.L. Bean—except now, instead of spending all her allowance on clothing, it’s often gifted straight from the brands.  There are times an entire outfit is, in blogspeak, “c/o,” which is something sites are legally obligated to disclose. The rules on social media are a little more ambiguous, and it’s often impossible to know whether a pair of Kate Spade flats has been deemed Instagram-worthy because they’re simply pretty or because they’re pretty profitable, too.

Financials aside, it’s clear that she only endorses brands that fit her life and style, and those brands tend to be high-profile. In the last few months alone, Heitlinger has worked with Jack Rogers, Lilly Pulitzer, and Kate Spade. At this point, labels are even scrambling to dress her boyfriend, a handsome frat boy type named Garrett McCarthy who makes frequent appearances on The College Prepster. Last month, he accompanied Heitlinger to a Vineyard Vines store opening, decked out head-to-toe in the brand. A few days earlier, the twosome posed in matching penny loafers courtesy of Nordstrom.

Buying the Best North Face for the Winter

Looking for a winter jacket? The North Face Triclimate range may be a great option for you! 

With 3-in-1 compatibility, plenty of pockets and hard wearing HyVent fabric, these jackets are not only technical but also very stylish too!

The North Face Mountain Light Triclimate Jacket

The North Face Mountain Light Triclimate Jacket

As the weather gets cooler and sunshine is replaced with rain and snow clouds, gusty winds and typically ‘British’ weather, most of us think less about tents, and more about being protected from the arctic frigid air and elements.

One such bit of kit is the well known ‘3-in-1’ or Triclimate jacket. Practical, adaptable, feature rich and stylish, Triclimates are a top selling jacket and an essential item for anyone who spends time outside.

Just as effective on the hills as it is on a walk into town, all Triclimate jackets are designed to keep you warm and dry while offering many practical benefits. We’re going to take a look at some of these right now!

The North Face Triclimate Features:

3 in 1 Versatility:

The ‘3 in 1’ functionality of Triclimate Jackets is probably what they are best known for. All jackets come with a waterproof outer shell and a detachable zip-in branded ‘The North Face’ fleece.

The ‘3-in-1’ bit means you can wear the fleece on its own, the outer jacket on its own, or combine the two wearing the fleece and outer shell together for full functionality and warmth. This enables you to regulate your temperature effectively. Hence the name ‘Triclimate’. Highly versatile.

The Zip connection for the insulation layer

The Triclimate Range Jacket

The Triclimate range can also be combined not only with a fleece but with other ranges from The North Face. For example, there are certain Nuptse down garments that can be zipped into compatible TNF waterproof shells. This ‘mix and match’ compatibility further extends the versatility of the Triclimate range, keeping you comfortable whatever the conditions outside. Great for the cool winter air.


When attaching to the outer shell, the zip on the fleece matches up with zip teeth on the inside of the outer jacket (shown in the image). The zips and loops on the wrist and neck allow the user to attach the fleece to the outer shell and turn two garments into one.

Attaching and separating is a pretty simple process, which is great if you’re out and about and it gets a little too hot or cold. A good way to do this is simply to detach/attach while wearing the fleece. So, if you’re too hot, unzip and detach the loops with the fleece on (you may need to take the jacket off for the neck loop). How cool!

If you’re too cold, put the shell on over the fleece, zip it in and click the toggle loops together on each wrist. Again, the neck one is difficult to reach when you’re wearing it, so you may want to do that one first.

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Guide to Buying Bean Boots

Because I wear my L.L.Bean Boots so often, I get a lot of questions about them–whether from family, friends or readers! So I thought I’d sit down and finally write up some of my best tips for purchasing a pair of the best things ever. (And yes: they’re just as wonderful as you may have heard!)Want to share your experience? Be sure to comment in the comment section below!tips for buying bean boots

8-Inch / 6-InchMoc

Decide which height you like best.

The three most popular Bean Boots for women are the six-inchers, eight-inchers (which is what I have, and am wearing in all these photos) and mocs. The six- and eight-inchers are very similar; the only difference being the height and that the eight-inchers are available in navy, too. And the mocs (obviously ankle-height) are perfect to leave by the door and quickly slip on. Growing up, there were dozens of these lying around the house! They provided me with the best style and support possible!

Pay attention to sizing, because it’s tricky.

Bean Boots only come in whole sizes. The general rule is that if you plan on wearing the boots with heavy socks (like J.Crew’s Camp Socks or L.L.Bean’s Camp Socks) and you happen to wear a “whole size,” order your normal size. If you wear a “half size,” however, order the next size down. (I typically wear a size 7.5 in flats and boots, and I take a size 7 in Bean Boots.)

If you plan on wearing the boots with light socks, L.L.Bean recommends ordering a full size down for whole-sizers, and ordering 1.5 sizes down for half-sizers. However, I found that ordering 1.5 sizes down didn’t work for me. I tried both sizes 6 and 7 in the Bean Boots, and while the 7s were a bit roomy with light socks, the 6s really pinched my toes. (Remember: I normally wear a size 7.5 in flats and boots.)

My best recommendation? Order your normal size if you’re a whole-sizer, and order the next size down if you’re a half-sizer.

Note that Shearling-Lined Bean Boots are sized slightly differently. Read about them here!

Also: Bean Boots come in narrow, medium and wide widths. Order how you normally would! I’m a medium in all shoes and took a medium width in my Bean Boots, for reference.

llbean boots children sizing

Finally: If you wear a women’s 6 or smaller, you might need to consider children’s sizes. See above.


For cold weather and snow, consider theThinsulateGore-Tex/Thinsulate or Shearling-Linedversions.

As much as I love my eight-inch navy Bean Boots, they’re not true winter boots. I can wear ’em with a pair of Camp Socks (my favorites are from J.Crew and L.L.Bean!) during 30-degree days without a problem, but in temperatures lower than that, my toes freeze. (Unless I’m just taking the dog for a speedy walk around the block or running some quick errands with the car.)

That said, I still wear them in the snow from time to time–as evidenced by these photos, haha–because I think they’re so flippin’ cute. 😉 But really: I recommend the Thinsulate ($139), Gore-Tex/Thinsulate ($189) or Shearling-Lined ($209) versions if you expect to wear your boots in cold weather often. Each pair is designed for something different: the Thinsulate version features extra insulation and therefore more warmth; The Gore-Tex/Thinsulate pair offers that same insulation as well as a special lining that’ll keep your feet dry and comfortable in extremely wet weather; and the Shearling-Lined boots are probably the warmest–and comfiest–of the three, and definitely designed for snowy days.

Keep in mind that the soles are not lined with shearling, but you can buy the insoles if you want that! Also: The Shearling-Lined boots are sized a bit differently. Be sure to read about that here.


Purchase Camp Socks.

Seriously, don’t buy Bean Boots without ’em. Here’s why:

A) They complete the look
B) They minimize rubbing and blisters
C) They provide extra warmth